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28 March 2013 @ 09:43 pm
[translation] Myojo April 2013 Crosstalk  

translated by [community profile] nakanantoka and mixedstrategy


Who is the strongest?

Kamenashi: Ueda, Koki: Kamenashi and Ueda, Taguchi: All except Nakamaru, Ueda: Taguchi, Nakamaru: Ueda

Who might be strong when getting involved in a fight?
Kamenashi: Nakamaru, Koki: Ueda, Taguchi: Kamenashi, Ueda: All except Taguchi and Nakamaru, Nakamaru: Koki

Who has the strongest sense of justice? 
Kamenashi: Ueda, Koki: Nakamaru, Taguchi: Ueda, Ueda: Nakamaru, Nakamaru: Kamenashi

Who has the strongest sense of responsibility?
Kamenashi: Nakamaru, Koki: Kamenashi and Nakamaru, Taguchi: None, Ueda: Nakamaru, Nakamaru: Kamenashi

Who is the healthiest?
Kamenashi: None, Koki: Ueda, Taguchi: Taguchi, Ueda: Taguchi, Nakamaru: Taguchi

Who has the best luck?
Kamenashi: Kamenashi, Koki: Kamenashi, Taguchi: Taguchi, Ueda: Kamenashi, Nakamaru: Nakamaru

Who is the most resilient?
Kamenashi: Taguchi, Koki: Taguchi, Taguchi: Koki, Ueda: Taguchi, Nakamaru: Taguchi

Who might be good at living on a deserted island?
Kamenashi: Ueda, Koki: Ueda, Taguchi: Koki, Ueda: Tanaka, Nakamaru: Ueda

Who is strong against loneliness?
Kamenashi: Kamenashi, Koki: Kamenashi, Taguchi: Ueda, Ueda: Taguchi, Nakamaru: Taguchi and Nakamaru

Nakamaru: So, it's about "Who in KAT-TUN has the most ___?"... Let's start with "who is the strongest".

Koki: Ueda has a lot of votes, right.

Nakamaru: Then let's ask the person himself!

Ueda: Well, it depends on the type. There are also those who are strong because they weigh more.

Nakamaru: But as for muscle mass, Ueda got the most votes.

Kamenashi: I also answered Ueda, right?

Nakamaru: Yes.

Kamenashi: There are periods I do muscle training and sometimes I don't, but since Ueda is always training, I think he's maintaining his build.

Nakamaru: You do train at the gym?

Ueda: I do boxing and running about four times a week.

Everyone else: Four times??

Koki: For real?

Nakamaru: You're already like an athlete. Huh, Taguchi has...

Taguchi: I said "everyone apart from Nakamaru".

Nakamaru: Moving on, Koki.

Koki: I thought it depends on which part. Since Kame is doing baseball, his wrists might be strong, but Ueda has a good balance.

Taguchi: Like in a Yakiniku restaurant! The taste is different depending on the part.

Nakamaru: OK, let's move on.

Taguchi: But the popular Uepi voted for me, right?

Ueda: Simply because he is the tallest, he also weighs the most, so going by total weight he might be the strongest. Don't you say that fat people are strong?

Taguchi: I'm not fat!

Nakamaru: In boxing too, when there's a bit of a weight difference, then the strength of the punch is different.

Ueda: Yes, even 1 or 2 kg make quite a difference.

Taguchi: Oooh.

Nakamaru: "Who might be strong when getting involved in a fight?" The answers are all over the place.

Koki: I thought it's Ueda after all because of the boxing.

Nakamaru: Because Ueda-kun quickly deals a blow.

Ueda: No no, that sounds weird!

Taguchi: So if you're an amateur, you can start something?

Nakamaru: Obviously it's wrong either way!

Ueda: It has nothing to do with being a pro or not, but it's a question of morals. I put "everyone except Taguchi and Nakamaru". Those two are pacifists, but us remaining three are probably quite quarrelsome, aren't we.

Nakamaru: One amongst those being quarrelsome, Kamenashi answered Nakamaru... Me?

Kamenashi: Yes, you seem good at avoiding fights.

Nakamaru: Ah, I see. I do. (decisively)

Kamenashi: That's why in a sense, I think you are the strongest. By calling a friend or something, getting out of it somehow.

Nakamaru: What, like saying to my opponent, "Now just please wait a moment! I have to call a friend"? (laughs)

Koki: In the sense of being unrivaled, Nakamaru is certainly the strongest.

Ueda: Speaking of, a long time before our debut, I once was almost fighting with Nakamaru...

Koki: That is unusual, you fighting with Nakamaru.

Ueda: Yeah, I think it was maybe backstage at the Imperial Theatre...

Kamenashi: You probably have fought with all the members before.

Ueda: Well, that is right. But when I was all fired up, going "Koiyaaa!" ["Kakatte Koiya" means "Bring it on!"], Nakamaru just said, "Huh? What is that supposed to mean?"

Everyone: (laughs)

Kamenashi: In that point, Nakamaru wins.

Ueda: Yesyes.

Nakamaru: I said Koki, image-wise.

Kamenashi: Well, with his appearance, it would be a disappointment if he was weak (laughs).

Nakamaru: So, "a strong sense of justice"? Both me and Ueda have each two votes.

Ueda: This also interest me.

Kamenashi: Well, Ueda possesses this personal line, and he fights a lot if something digresses from it. I think that might be because he also has a strong sense of justice.

Nakamaru: I was undecided between Kame or Ueda... Hm, can I ask something here? Ueda-kun put me here...

Ueda: Somehow, in Nakamaru's case, I think that more than a sense of justice, he has a good common sense, so I thought about what would be going from there.

Nakamaru: I see. "Strong sense of responsibility". Ah, yesyesyes, I got a lot of votes~

Koki: Kame has two, Nakamaru has three votes.

Nakamaru: Why did Taguchi put "none"?

Taguchi: Because I didn't think about "strong", but that everyone has their own. Like, one good part of KAT-TUN is that we understand a strong sense of responsibility, but we don't force it on the others.

Nakamaru: Putting it nicely like this...

Koki: Like... something he prepared just as an excuse because he couldn't think of something? (laugh)

Nakamaru: Well, let's leave it at that. "Who is the healthiest"... Taguchi got a lot of votes.

Kamenashi: But he withdrew before because of injury.

Ueda: Ah, right!

Taguchi: My healthiness right now will make you forget about that!

Koki: Oh, shut up. (laughs)

Nakamaru: Leaving that aside, Taguchi never seems to catch a cold, does he?

Ueda: Yes, I also voted for Taguchi thinking of that.

Koki: I was thinking of Ueda though...

Ueda: Oh no, because I have no fat, I easily catch colds.

Taguchi: I have the image of you sniffling around.

Ueda: That is rhinitis!

Nakamaru: Ueda voted Taguchi...

Ueda: I heard that Koki and Kamenashi catch the cold quite often, and Nakamaru just likes to exaggerate, right? So I thought it should be Taguchi.

Taguchi: Actually, I don’t catch the cold at all.

Nakamaru: Taguchi answered with himself too.

Kamenashi: Eh? Speaking about the cold, there’s a saying that says “____ don’t catch the cold”, isn't there?

Nakamaru: Idiots? (T/N: “Idiots don’t catch the cold.” is a common saying in Japan.)

Koki: They probably don’t even realize that they've caught the cold.

Taguchi: Eh?

What KAT-TUN needs to become even stronger

Nakamaru: Next, who has the best luck in KAT-TUN? Kame appears a lot. By the way since Kame also chose himself let’s ask him about it.

Kamenashi: I think (my luck is) not bad. When I think “I will not lose!”, I don’t really end up losing, although when I think “It’s ok to lose” I do end up losing.

Koki: Well, although it is difficult, the frequency of me doing the dressing room punishment game is way too high.

Ueda: Me too. When Kame thinks “I really don’t want to do this”, he never ends up having to do it. Hence I think he definitely has something within him.

Nakamaru: Taguchi-kun, do you think you have the best luck?

Taguchi: Well, it might not be the best though…

Koki: Speaking of which, you belong to the side with bad luck right~ (laugh).

Taguchi: No, compared to the rest of the world I am on the side with good luck too…

Nakamaru: Well, but the question says “In KAT-TUN…”

Taguchi: Maybe it’s good luck to have been chosen to be in KAT-TUN.

Nakamaru: In that case, wouldn't it become that all of us have good luck!

Koki: This fellow, his excuses are getting worse…

Taguchi: So that means I only have good luck in health.

Nakamaru: Hai hai. So, who is the most resilient? Um~ Oh, no, It’s Taguchi. Out of 5 of us almost all chose Taguchi.

Taguchi: Everyone really loves me~

Nakamaru: No, this is just…

Kamenashi: It comes out from our mouths as a habit.

Koki: Although it seems that sometimes Taguchi also gets depressed and demoralized in his own way, despite that I still think that he is resilient.

Taguchi: For me, although I am strong against external shocks, I am really weak when I am the one to slip up~

Koki: Then it’s just that you don’t notice it, like when you don’t realize you've caught a cold.

Nakamaru: Next, who might be good at living on a deserted island? Ueda-kun has 3 votes, Koki has 2.

Ueda: It’s Koki for sure right?

Koki: This is based on image too.

Kamenashi: I was hesitating between Koki and Ueda but I chose Ueda in the end. Somehow there are some parts of him that is wild right. Or maybe primitive?

Nakamaru: Primitive?

Kamenashi: Probably because he always runs around barefooted, and when he has some free time he starts to do shadow-boxing, and it seems like he is always training along the shore.

Nakamaru: Yes. But things like fishing are probably out of the question.

Ueda: Yes, I don’t think I can (laugh).

Nakamaru: Then, who is strong against loneliness? Kame 2 votes, Taguchi 2 votes? Kame chose himself too.

Kamenashi: Yep~ Since I like to be alone too.

Koki: You are alone during your birthday too right?

Ueda: Seriously?

Kamenashi: That’s right. I frankly don’t really like it when I get thrown parties. I prefer my birthday countdown to be me being alone and zoning out until I realize ‘Ah, it’s 12.’

Koki: Therefore perhaps you have the image of being strong against loneliness.

Ueda: For me, if I am alone on my birthday, I think I will feel like dying~!

Nakamaru: You are too fragile!

Koki: (You are) too weak against loneliness!

Taguchi: Guys~ guys~, how far does it have to be to be considered loneliness? It is considered lonely to live on 10000 yen a month or to have everything in the world vanish… to that level? For me I wouldn't be able to take it if entertainment is gone.

Ueda: Nobody is thinking on that large a scale.

Nakamaru: Such a Taguchi voted for Ueda, though.

Ueda: Taguchi doesn't understand~ about me.

Nakamaru: He sure doesn't.

Taguchi: That’s sad.

Kamenashi: Koki can’t take it too right, to be alone.

Koki: I can’t.

Nakamaru: Therefore, now I think we shall move on to discuss about the question ‘what does KAT-TUN need to become the strongest’. For example, I think to search for another kind of charm to replace the playful charm we had during debut is one too.

Kamenashi: Are you serious! But I want to be playful.

Taguchi: Me too.

Kamenashi: If I have to give an example, (it’ll be) a gap? I think while we are playful, we have begun to mature too.

Ueda: Wait a minute, listen to the suggestion I gave last month too (Note: Apr Issue ‘Love Now’ corner’s survey). “Let’s talk more among ourselves”. How is it? How is it? I said something unexpectedly good right?

Taguchi: Then let’s hold a gyoza party at Ueda’s house today!

Ueda: No, that’s impossible.

Koki: In summary, it is ok to have some parts that remain playful, but we must also have some parts that is seriously too.

Nakamaru: Isn’t it okay for us to show the correct colour depending of the type of job? Playing it by the ear!

Taguchi: Guys, guys, did you know the new record for the blowing plum seeds contest?~ It is 15 metres~

All except Taguchi: What are you taking about!

木漏れ日: xxkomorebi on March 28th, 2013 01:50 pm (UTC)
lol junno is so random and weird XD


お疲れ ♥
RJ: KAT-TUN | Ueda | Prettymixedstrategy on March 28th, 2013 02:11 pm (UTC)
Yes he is >.> I kept doubting myself with every sentence I type.


そちらこそ ♥
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RJ: KAT-TUN | MaruDa | Boxmixedstrategy on March 28th, 2013 02:14 pm (UTC)
He always is ;~; acting all tough outside (or at least he tries to) but I just wanna cuddle him ♥

I never know what to think of Junno haha, it seems like when he is having a solo interview he says really sensible and mature things, but when he is with the others... oh man >.>


Thanks for reading ^___^
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kissmegreen (Lyan): kattun black and whitekissmegreen on March 28th, 2013 02:39 pm (UTC)
This is such a haughty read on so many levels ;-)
Their answers and discussions were so funny and oh~ the teasing of Junno will never get old... And judging by how the interview ended, he's begging for it ~ a very fitting end.
And the 'guys guys' moments were too cute <3
Oh these guys, pls be together forever and have lovely and playful gyoza parties by Uepi :-)
Many Thanks for sharing!
dreamanime: yakusokudreamanime on March 28th, 2013 03:07 pm (UTC)
お疲れ~~ thanks for translating~~ :D

omg i swear i was laughing all the way :D too cuteee >///<
Junno 太强了XD (u noe wat i mean~~
I kept laughing after i see his reply XD

and Nakamaru, yes, Ueda is fragile.
So pls (always) keep him company :D
laila: pic#107490466lailakattun on March 28th, 2013 03:50 pm (UTC)
this was awesome ... Thanks ^^

Nathalie: K²tia995 on March 28th, 2013 04:02 pm (UTC)
Thank you :D
Junno is so random XD
spirit_diamond: band m2013spirit_diamond on March 28th, 2013 04:03 pm (UTC)
thank you!
abyssinian13: pic#119654630abyssinian13 on March 28th, 2013 04:16 pm (UTC)
junno's funny here..love how they bully him and said bullying goes over his head..and that last line from taguchi, KYKYKY ever..

kame alone on his birtday, i can imagine..he has always been a loner even when he was younger..
and ueda and his fragile heart (pats ueda in the head)..

thanks very much for sharing!!!as always, KAT-TUN crosstalks are a lot of fun to read..

roro_ieda: pic#118085920roro_ieda on March 28th, 2013 04:22 pm (UTC)
thank you!!!!
KK: KAT-TUNblahblah on March 28th, 2013 04:30 pm (UTC)
Thank you very much!!!
I love reading theirs crosstalks~
hyatt97: kamenashihyatt97 on March 28th, 2013 04:48 pm (UTC)
ok i misread "IN boxing" as "I'M boxing" in this sentence "Nakamaru: In boxing too, when there's a bit of a weight difference, then the strength of the punch is different."
it seriously gave me a shock at first...to imagine Maru boxing! xD HAHAHHAHAHA

i love u boy <3
fierysunrise: pic#118911849fierysunrise on March 28th, 2013 06:20 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for the translation<33

Junno so cute this whole thing hahaa<33

"Taguchi: I said "everyone apart from Nakamaru".
Nakamaru: Moving on, Koki."

courtney_bubble: pic#119434878courtney_bubble on March 28th, 2013 06:56 pm (UTC)

Taguchi: Guys, guys, did you know the new record for the blowing plum seeds contest?~ It is 15 metres~

All except Taguchi: What are you taking about!

Junno what are you doing?? ♥♥
Wah I love them so much omg.
Thanks for the translation♥
dream_air: musclesdream_air on March 28th, 2013 06:56 pm (UTC)
Junno is like, not really there mentaly, is he. LOL
.: hlthieumuoi on March 28th, 2013 07:05 pm (UTC)
Thanks for your hard work.

Poor Junno!